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IDSC has helped our clientele from the following service sectors to analyze strategic business issues and developed indigenous solutions in assisting them to formulate tactical plans and in optimizing day-to-day operations:


  • Business strategy modelling
  • Business process re-engineering/modelling
  • Capital acquisition/renewal decision support incorporating technological, economic and operational trends
  • Enforcement optimization carparks, safety, etc

Manpower/Productivity Analysis

  • Manpower policy models
  • Vocation planning models
  • Posting and succession planning models
    Rostering & ranking systems
  • Data envelopment analysis (DEA) benchmarking


  • Cost driver analysis
  • Corporate finance modelling/forecasting
  • Technical audit


  • Waiting time studies holistically addressing policy, people, technology & process issues
  • Clinical, A&E and operating theatre operations modeling
  • Clinical referral & appointment system
  • Long-term HR development plan
  • Waiting time studies holistically addressing policy, people, technology & process issues


  • Collaborative engineering solutions
  • Optimisation/simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Finite capacity scheduling
  • Yield/revenue management
  • Collaborative engineering solutions

Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation

  • Supply chain/infrastructure optimisation and simulation
  • Locational analysis & capacity sizing
  • Multi-modal transportation network optimisation
  • Fleet (vehicles & vessels) routing, scheduling and management
  • Storage and picking arrangement optimisation (eg. of ammunition
  • Warehouse equipment, process & layout optimisation/simulation
  • Optimal packing of pallets/trucks/containers
  • Procurement, inventory and turnover management
  • Cross-docking optimisation (both pre-planning & operations)


  • Optimisation of maintenance concept and infrastructure
  • Optimisation of spares allocation and replenishment plan
  • Scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Reliability analysis, design-for-growth programs
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