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IDSC represents and provides technical support and training for the following best-of-breed decision support software:

  • Banxia (www.banxia.com)
    - data envelopment analysis (Frontier Analyst)
  • Lindo (www.lindo.com)
    - optimisation (mathematical programming) software
  • Simul8 (www.simul8.com)
    - Simul8 discrete event simulation software,
  • Systecon (www.systecon.se/ )(OPUS10/SIMLOX/CATLOC)
    - Logistic supporting analysis and spare optimization soft ware OPUS10
    - SIMLOX enables simulation of how technical systems and their supporting solutions will perform in diferent operation scenarios.

    - CATLOC is a calculation tool where a high degree of flexibility and usability provides unique capabilities in cost analysis and investment calculations.

IDSC's consulting experience allows it to develop the deep insights into customer needs to develop quality-winning products and services. IDSC work with partners to productise some of the consulting solutions developed for customers so as to widen its customer base efficiently and develop quality winning products as new sources of revenue.

The first suite of solutions are the manpower planning models developed by IDSC as a member of the team that won the tender for PM2S - Singapore¡¯s new civil service HRMS. IDSC is responsible for the add-on planning modules that would allow users of the SAP HRMS to develop policies as well as route-of-advancement and posting plans coherently and efficiently. IDSC also has HR planning prototypes for managers to rank their people more efficiently and equitably.

Another suite of products are ammunition logistics planning software developed for the Singapore military which brings innovative solutions to the world of commercial logistics. These models enable organisations to optimise their long term and short term procurement/turnover, storage and retrieval plans. These are developed integrally with load planning, depot task scheduling and cross-docking optimisation modules to make for a powerful next-generation logistics planning suite.

The latest suite of solutions that IDSC is developing is for public libraries with joint ownership of IP with the National Library Board in Singapore. One solution optimises budget and space allocation so that the collection mix in a network of public libraries would maximise circulation while fulfilling comprehensiveness constraints and title currency requirements.  Another analyses various policy and business model options to ascertain the sustainability and effectiveness of these options.

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